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First option- Your ship our knowledge

This system was made for customers who own a boat or want to buy a boat trough lease or loan. This system offers you:

The boat is owned by you or the bank who gave you the loan

Earnings of the boat will be paid upon settlement of all obligations at the end of the season

You have the right to use the boat during the season, but you have to announce the weeks you want to use till the end of October for the next season

The revenues of the bookings will be used to pay for the dock, insurance and service and preparation for the next season (this includes technical care and maintenance of the vessel)

Maintenance and preparation of the boat for the season are covered by a separate agreement of business cooperation

Profits of the boat will cover costs like annual insurance, dock payments, supplies, services and installments to the bank and more.

Second option- Investment program

We offer a program that frees prospective boat owners who want to sail in the summer of all cost, care and contracts with banks. The owner of the ship will be our company along with the leasing bank. We offer you these boat models:

Bavaria 41 Cruiser

Bavaria 46 Cruiser

Sun Odyssey 349

Elan 444 Impression

BenetauOceanis 41

BeneteauOceanis 45

You as the future owner pre-pay 20 weeks of rent for the boat, these 20 weeks you have the right to take over 6 years when you prefer. In the meantime, all the costs are our concern and responsibility. After 6 seasons in the charter you as the investor have the right to first buy the boat. The boat can be bought at a value that is twice increased by the amount of the initial investment, this amount may be reduced by the number of unused weeks you have left.

For example Bavaria 41: You have purchased 20 weeks for 40.000.00 € the value of the ship is 182.000,00 € after 6 years the price for you will be 80.000,00 € if you don’t use any of your weeks the price will be 40.000,00 €.

Third Option- Leasing ships

Our team will assess the value and ability of your ship and offer you an annual rental price for your boat. What this gives you as the owner:

This gives you the freedom not to worry about the cost of your boat

All costs, insurance, maintenance and winter maintenance will be covered by us

You will get a fixed amount to your account, you can choose the payment payout plan we can give you either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or if you want we can give you the money yearly for the next season

Investments in your boat are taken car with agreement with you, whether you need new sails or complete interior restoration do not worry about the costs we invest for you

In this option, your task is to enjoy the weeks in which you yourself use the boat, and the rest leave to us. Offers for how much money you would get will depend on the type, age and appearance of the boat and the calculation of income for the boat.